Summer Running

Summer FINALLY came to the west of Ireland today. Now, we know well not to lose the run of ourselves because it will probably be gone again tomorrow so I made the most of it while it lasted. I got up early to go for a run while it was still cool and had a lovely time. I did my 5k interval run again with 2 minute intervals. I was fractionally slower than last time but I worked hard and could feel my fitness improving (you know those runs when you can just feel your lungs, heart and legs getting just that fraction stronger?). Here is Max on our warm up and our view:

DSC_0075     DSC_0071

Although not sunny at 8am, it was 16 degrees C (61F) and rose to 23 C (98) which is Very Warm for Ireland. it was also very humid, already 88% at 8 am but that’s usually what comes with warm weather here. They are are predicting a heat wave in the south of England today so I hope any runners there are taking sensible precautions.

When we got home Max ate his breakfast and was then due a lie down. He has a gift for finding the softest place possible to sleep





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