Why is it so hard to follow new blogs?

I use WordPress mostly on my phone with the Android app. Recently I have struggled to follow blogs I find online. Where is the Follow button? Why can’t I do a search of WordPress by blog name??

Is it me, am I doing it wrong? It shouldn’t be this hard to follow a blog.

Rant over!


7 thoughts on “Why is it so hard to follow new blogs?

  1. No. it’s not you. It can be tricky alright. Best bet is to use a desktop PC to log in to your blog, then go to top left of screen and use the Reader link and go to Manage. But yeah, sometimes it’s tricky, and it doesn’t help if bloggers don’t add in the Follow button.

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  2. I have the same problem that I can’t follow certain blogs.. I think it is to do with some not having a follow button. Then if you still want to follow you have to go into all your settings and add the blog title manually to a follow list which is rather annoying and I always forget how to get there lol!

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