A little bit about me

Hello! How are you?

I started running in 2007 following the birth of my second child. No sooner had I reached the stage of running for more than 1 minute without stopping, when I discovered I was expecting again.That was the end of that. Fast forward a few years and my baby started school and I returned to walking, then running.

Originally, I ran as part of a year-long effort to lose 3 stone (50lbs), which I succeeded in doing. Then I ran to keep the weight off. Now I run for a whole lot of other reasons too.

Why is this blog called Running not Racing? I don’t run to win races. Most people don’t. I do occasionally take part in races but mostly I am racing against myself. When I am running there is usually a whole lot more going on in my head than trying to go faster and I haven’t seen much of this side of the running community reflected in the running blogs I follow. I am also far from the stereotypical image of a runner, I have arthritis and asthma and am over 40.  Probably like you, I fit running around my family and working life.


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