End of Junethon 2015 Report: Must Try Harder

Well didn’t that month fly? I began this blog to take part in Juneathon and discovered I really enjoy blogging! So I am going to keep doing it and I hope you keep reading it it 😀

I have managed 20 blog posts, 10 runs totalling 63km and 5 strength training sessions. Also 3 aquarobics and 2 swims.

Did taking part in Juneathon increase the amount or frequency of my exercise?  No, not really. Running everyday is not really feasible at the moment but it did encourage my cross training. I set myself the following goals for June

  1. Blog about my exercise every day for the month of June. DONE well, at least every time I exercised, I blogged it
  2. Add 2 speed training sessions to my runs every week for June, using tempo, interval and hill runs. DONE
  3. By June 30th,  have knocked 30 seconds off my current 5k PB. NOPE but getting closer
  4. Maintain my current ability to run 10k using my Long Slow Runs.DONE
  5. Use the Runtastic LegTrainer to build my length strength, completing the programme as scheduled by the app, concluding August 15th.LEVEL 1 DONE

So not too bad, but could do better.


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