Taking a break and getting faster

I have no idea if other people do this or not but I decided to build 2 break weeks into my half marathon training plan. My first was last week, after week 4, and the second is after week 8. Then the final 4 weeks will take me to those 13.2 miles. I have ages yet till my race so it made sense.

Week 4 had been good and ended with my longest ever run of 11k. During the week I was aware of a few minor niggles,  one low down in my right calf, one in my back and my left shoulder. Nothing major, just an awareness of them. I also found the last km of my LSR challenging, using 30 sec run/walk intervals to get finished. Afterwards I had sore knees and was very tired.

The following day I went for a gentle recovery run. In my last post I was talking about my use of PEL ( perceived effort level). One thing I learned on that recovery run is that your heart and lungs can work at one PEL, in this case just a 6, and your legs at a different one. They were at a 9!

So I welcomed my rest week with open arms. I still cross trained with walking and aquarobics but nothing high impact.

The benefits of this week off were huge. Today I ran 7k and it felt great. All my niggles are gone and I could see a big improvement in my fitness and, consequently, my pace. Hills which 2 weeks ago had to be half-walked were comfortably run up today. I had been concerned I would lose motivation but actually the opposite is true,  I’m raring to go again.

Sunday sees me tackle 14k (8.75miles) for the first time. I think I may need to start adding some mid-run fuelling as this will take me approximately 1hr 45mins. I shall start experimenting to see what I like and works best for me. Wish me luck, I’m slightly daunted.


2 thoughts on “Taking a break and getting faster

  1. Peaks and mini-tapers are often used for big races, so keep ’em in there; they’re obviously working. And from here on in, also build in your fueling strategy too, whether that’s gels or mixed drinks or both. Get the body used to whatever you end up doing on the day.

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