Snot Rocket Backsplash

I am considering changing the name of this blog to Snot Rocket Backsplash just because it’s such a great phrase.  If you are considering starting one, you can have that on me.

I experienced said backsplash today on the final km of my long slow run as I ran uphill into a headwind.  It was a lovely run, not quite as slow as it should have been but what can a girl do? The run marked the end of Week 1 of my half marathon training programme,  which is 16 weeks long but includes 2 rest weeks. On my return I had a snack of homemade hummus, made by my daughter


And very yummy it was too.

I have two very busy weeks coming up and am determined to stick to my training plan. I may have to shuffle runs around but will get them done. One way I have tried to ensure I can keep everything going and make time to run is by preparing family dinners ahead of time. Three hours of cooking yesterday resulted in 7 frozen meals plus a few accompaniments that should get us through to the weekend  without resorting to take aways.


6 thoughts on “Snot Rocket Backsplash

  1. Very organised indeed, though if I did that, I would return one day from a long run to find my two beautiful children staring mournfully at a frozen block on the table, which they would occasionally poke with forks…
    Might pass on the domain name offer too, though I will be ver disappointed if someone out there doesn’t take the challenge. Who amongst us has not experienced the delight? 😉

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