I lost my running Mojo…Then I found it again

The last 3 weeks have been challenging times in my personal life. One of my daughters has been having problems at school, my husband has started a new job, my own work has been very busy and my health has not been great, with my stomach giving me quite a lot of pain.

I got bogged down with other things and running took a back seat. Sometimes we just have to step up and know that other things have to be a priority for a while.

It was also a good reminder of all the reasons that I do run. My weight increased, joint pain returned, my mood took a downturn and I began to lose patience.

And I just didn’t care.

Have you ever felt like that? Suddenly, the thing you think about, read about and even dream about looses all its attraction and you kick the trainers under the end of the bed so they will stop looking at you balefully? And don’t even mention the poor dog.

This has happened to me before and I have learned that I just needed to wait it out and that although nothing different may happen, the desire to run will return. Yesterday was that day.

I just put on my gear and went out to do a gentle 5k. Of course I was convinced I had lost all my fitness, and yes I probably have a little bit but not that much. I started out very gently and got faster with each km. I wasn’t going to beat any records but I was back out running, in the fresh air and enjoyed every minute of it. I came home in a great mood and was very productive for the rest of the day.

I ran again this morning, keeping a steady pace and a minute faster than yesterday and again enjoyed it greatly. I officially declare my mojo back



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