Going from Bad to Worse

Pride comes before a fall. For runners there is a high chance that saying may come true in the literal sense as well as metaphorically.

Coasting through life on the high of my 13k run (Can we walk a bit slower today, I ran 13k yesterday. Yes really)  I walked out the stiffness on Monday and was very busy Tuesday so no run. Wednesday was more cross training with high intensity intervals at aquarobics. Thursday and Friday saw no chance of a run due to work commitments and a lack of childcare. The Plan was not being followed. I was getting tense.

This morning I was in a foul mood and knew I needed to go for a run before either my husband or children refused to speak to me ever again. Max and I headed out and it is a lovely day for a run, sunny but with clouds and a light breeze. I was doing a planned 5k but intended to up the intensity with each km.

A warm up including dynamic stretches done, I set off. Just 750 meters in and I got a cramping in my right calf. At first I thought it was just that ache you get as the blood vessels begin to open and the oxygen is pushing through. I kept on running.  This time, though, it didn’t pass and suddenly the pain went up my hamstring and into my glute, bringing me to a standstill.

I walked, stretched and tried running again but by now the calf was so sore I could barely walk. Not wanting to do permanent damage,  I made that difficult decision to turn around and trudge back to the car. I was so fed up I nearly cried. I had only been out of the car 10 whole minutes.

Back home and I am none the wiser as to the cause (and therefore the solution). I have a sore spot on my calf but my foot, glute and hip are more sore.

I am resting it now and hope this won’t turn into anything worse. I’ve never had an injury.

Any suggestions as to what I did to myself? 


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