Life Vs Running

My week has not gone at all to plan. The plan was to do 3 short runs throughout the week and a long slow run at the weekend. As of today I have not done a single one.

I am not injured and am totally motivated. Lack of time has been my main problem and I am sure it is a problem for us all. I have a weird job that can be all or nothing and i have to cover people who are sick at very short notice. I also travel long distances which means I often have to get up early to be in places for normal working hours. I also have a job building relationships and trust with people and can’t just walk away when it suits me, we have to keep going til its done.

All these things have happened this week, so twice I planned to run but had to go to work instead. I have also made some choices for my children, putting them before running. I find most weeks its a careful balancing of my spare time between my family and me (in the form of running). This week my family just needed me.


I also made the choice to help my kids be more active instead of going on my own to run. We have walked, swum and played and that is good.

I need a strategy though to make sure next week isn’t the same. This has happened to me before and suddenly you realise you have lost the habit of running. Not good! I have succeeded in squeezing in Leg Trainer and have updated my review.

How do you kick yourself up the backside to keep running? How can I get my self back in the groove?



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