Thoughts on Thighs (or, How Running has changed me)


Thighs. Many women ( and maybe men, but I have never heard it) have a complicated relationship with their thighs.

Time was, I was part of the large group who believed what the media/fitness industry/clothes manufacturers/fashion industry/other women told me about my thighs. That they were too big.

Despite having successfully carried around not just me but also 3 babies at one time or another, I have often hated my thighs, hidden them, disguised them and tried to change them. Their strength, power, engineering and down right usefulness went ignored.

And then I took up running and my attitude to my thighs slowly began to change. Please don’t get me wrong though, despite my weight-loss and exercise,  they don’t look a huge lot different.

I have, however, been very impressed by the way they have responded each and every time I run, getting stronger and moving faster over and over again! They went from walking 2km to running 10.

images (2)

I have learned that contrary all the images and words written about my, and every woman’s, thighs, that they are a thing of beauty.

So now I dress them in lycra and show them off. I exercise them in many different ways to keep their bones, joints, muscles and blood supply strong and healthy.
images (1)

Today for Juneathon I went to aquarobics and then did day 3 of Leg Trainer.


6 thoughts on “Thoughts on Thighs (or, How Running has changed me)

  1. I also have a love/hate relationship with my thighs. They’re big, but muscular. I used to hate them, now I just hate them less and I’m even leaning towards loving them. My thighs don’t fit the ever popular twiggy look, but they sure do look mean when I flex my muscles!

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  2. A timely post! My thighs (and calfs) have suddenly got all big and muscular and I am not sure I like it. I think it because I have switched from marathon training to quicker, shorter distances but ……as you say a tricky relationship.

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    1. I found the same thing and even my hips have got larger. After working so hard for so long to get smaller it has taken a real shift in my thinking to get into the ‘strong is the new skinny ‘ way of thinking but writing it in this post helped

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