Waiting to Run

I am sitting in the doctor’s waiting room as I write, for yet another appointment to discuss my painful digestive system. As I look out the window, it’s a lovely morning for a run and I am due a 5k so would much rather be out there than in here.

A few new tablets will sort me out hopefully and I am am waiting for an appointment that should get to the bottom of it (if you will excuse the pun). The discomfort has disrupted my training over the last 3 weeks although last week was great with all 3 runs done to plan.

I had an especially nice 10k on Sunday to celebrate Mothers Day. It did strike me that most would be eating chocolate so I brought my Clif bar with me as a treat. I ran deliberately slowly,  often having to walk to keep to my goal pace. As a result I enjoyed the scenery, the fact it wasn’t raining and powered up the steep hill that makes up the last 500m.

As I look around me, I appreciate once again that I am able to run. Many here today are not. Tomorrow I have to travel early for work but Thursday I will be back out again.


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