Look How Far I Have Come

I write brilliant blog posts in my head while I am running. They are witty, clever, moving and original. Then I come home, shower and get on with life and forget all the great things I wanted to say. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

However this week I have found myself coming back to the same theme each time I run. Look how far I have come.

Maybe it’s the new year or possibly all the encouraging social media posts aimed at new runners but I have been a bit reflective recently. We runners are all about the new goals, the targets, the PRs and the challenges. Do we ever stop and take stock of how far we have come?

While out running a 10k training run last week, I was assaulted by the memory of trying to up my distance from 7 to 8 k. It was slow and very, very painful and I questioned why on earth I was doing it. Now I glide to 10k on a weekly basis and am preparing to up it in the next few weeks.

So here are some of my key personal achievements in my fitness and running. If you are a new runner please remember, if I can do it, so can you.

4 years ago, I was so overweight and unfit that I spent 6 months working out in my living room with dvds just to be fit enough to get out and walk. Now I run 10k every week.

When I did get outside, I was so embarrassed that I swathed myself in heavy tracksuit bottoms and waterproof jackets, even if I was too hot. Now I wear head to toe lycra with hi-viz stripes and hat to bring attention to myself.

I ran in a secluded spot so I would not risk meeting anyone. Now I run past my neighbours houses and in the middle of town with my head held high.

I was only able to run for 30 seconds at a time and had to walk for 2 minutes to recover. It took me 48 minutes to cover 5k. Now I can run 5k in 36 minutes.

Following the couch to 5k app, I remember that getting up to 10 minutes continuous running was a challenge and it took a number of sessions before I cracked it and could move on to the next session. Now I can run for 1hr 25 mins non stop.

I once looked at adverts for the Dublin Women’s Mini Marathon 10k and believed I could never run that far. In 2015 I took part and Nailed it, despite the pouring rain.

3 years ago I didn’t know there was such a thing as a half marathon. Today I am training for one.

How did I achieve all this? I just kept trying.



16 thoughts on “Look How Far I Have Come

  1. Yes!! Great post!! I needed this! I’ve found it such a struggle recently to keep running, but when I look back at how far i’ve come I know I can keep going! It’s never easy but its worth it in the end!!

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  2. Good job on your accomplishments! I appreciate this type of perspective. Sometimes I only look at where I want to be, then feel disappointed in myself for not being there. But you’re right… Look how far we’ve come! Amazing!

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  3. Super achievement, you should be very proud of how far you’ve come & of the person you are today because of it. You’re right too about runners- we focus so much on a goal, a race/distance/timer etc, and it takes over your running headspace but then seem to forget all about it immediately after, moving on to the next goal! It’s good to stop for a second & reflect on what you’ve accomplished. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  4. Fantastic inspiration – well done! In many ways, I am really glad that I didn’t have a Garmin when I first started running. I used to go out for up to an hour and run in an area that I liked, but I never really paid much attention to the time, so I had no idea how far I went or how fast I was. Looking back, it probably took me that long to do about 6k, but I didn’t know so didn’t feel judged. Anyway, I think seeing progress is one of the great reasons for blogging, even though we all go through struggles it’s good to be able to reflect on how yesterday’s challenge quickly becomes something commonplace in our lives.

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  5. What an inspiration! You’ve come a long way and while we’re on opposite sides of the pond, I’m definitely very proud of what you’ve been able to do!

    I think your posts are already great as they are but I definitely understand the big ideas you get for your blog mid-run that don’t really materialize. Keep up the great work, though, both in your blog and on the pavement and trails of your beautiful country!

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  6. This is such a wonderful post to read. Through your own hard work you’ve earned the right to write every one of those words. What a way to celebrate your achievements: not only taking a well-earned look back with richly deserved pride, but words that will inspire others too. Just wonderful. (And by the way, wondered whether I spotted a potential future title or sub-title for your blog in the text: “With my Head Held High.”


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