Sneachta is my favourite word in the Irish Language. It is pronounced snot-chtha and means snow. Today was our first snow fall of the winter here in the west of Ireland but the snow fell last night and this morning was clean and crisp and clear. A lovely day for a run.

I love running in the snow. I love the sound of crisp snow underneath my feet as I run my favourite trail which has a gravelly path so no risk of slipping. One of the reasons I love running is the opportunity it provides to be outside in the sunshine. Today the snow glittered as I ran.

My run was a tempo 5k so there was no chance of getting cold. I was slower than planned and am not sure why really although it was not that much slower and I was dodging frozen puddles so that must have contributed.

I hope you enjoyed you run today


7 thoughts on “Sneachta

  1. Must be a westy pronunciation. Us Dubs say ‘schnok-ta’. Sounds like we could be having a Saoirse Ronan moment 😉
    But, yes, lovely to run in, if you can find it. Jealous that you have it at the moment. We had one poxy flurry the other day and that’s it.

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  2. We don’t get much snow here, so last year when we did get some I made sure to get out and run. I ran while it was snowing and it was so peaceful. Then the next day I ran in the snowy landscape. It still so pretty. And then of course the next day it was gone

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