A confession about Hills

Here it is…… I like hill running. Now please don’t all shout at me! I have noticed before that I prefer an ‘undulating’ route for my 10k over a flatter out and back just as close to home but thought this was just my preference for loops. It turns out there may be more to it.

My new half marathon training plan includes a weekly hill running session up (and down) a 400m paved incline. I began at 6 reps and today completed 8. Including warm up and cool down, this run covered 7.8 k and I loved every minute of it.

A hill is Ireland. I didn't run up this hill

Maybe it’s the fact that I can go as slowly as I like. Possibly it’s the permission to walk down, although I do some gentle jogging too.

Most likely though it’s because hill runs make me feel like a hard-core, kick-start runner 😀


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