Runner Seeks Half Marathon for fun and friendship

I am on the hunt for my first half marathon.  Of course we all know it can’t be just any old half marathon.  Your first time has to be special 😍

Ireland is only a small country.  The whole island is home home to just 4 million people, a similar size to the state of Kentucky and smaller than 25 states in the US. There are 124 countries with more people than us. As a result,  there are not a huge quantity of races every year, although more and more are being organised.

In my search for a late spring time half marathon I have rejected:-

The Connemara half – I am reliably told it’s the hardest in the country and not for the beginner

The Longford Royal Canal Run – its half is made up of 4 laps of the same 5k route, which just does not have the glamour I want for my first.

Anywhere in Wicklow, Waterford, Cork or Kerry – plenty of glamour but too damn far away.

So I find myself hovering over the listing page of, the premier event listing site for the country longing for new events to be added.

I have made one decision though. I am going to do the Dublin Rock and Roll Half in August. I want one under my belt before then. I also cannot register til the new year.

So if you will excuse me, I am off to lurk at again.


7 thoughts on “Runner Seeks Half Marathon for fun and friendship

  1. I’ve heard great things about Achill: But it might be tougher and less glamorous than you want… and as it’s in August, that’s not much help 😦

    Maybe something on this list will be suitable:

    I agree with the comment above that laps do mean that you get to see lots of people which can be very supportive 🙂

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  2. If you fancy making a bit of a ‘run-cation’ come over to Wales and do the IAAF Cardiff World Half Marathon at the end of March. You’ll get a medal that says ‘world half marathon’, what’s cooler than that for a 1st one?!?

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