I only bloody went and did it! Race report

Today I concluded my 5 month training plan to reduce my 10k time. I have learned a lot about myself and running during this time, including the fact that I started out very over ambitious about the time I could knock off my time. I began this process thinking I could get down to a 60min time from 1.16.25. I was to discover that was a totally unrealistic goal.

So today was my race day. I did look into taking part in an actual race but the closest 10k was a long drive away, so I invented a virtual race instead – The first annual Running Bloggers 10k. I was joined by Justin from beardhairinmycoffee and Declan from unironedman, in my imagination at the very least. Here is my race report 😀

Following Storm Desmond in the last 2 days, the day was surprisingly calm, clear and dry. The running field was small (just the 1 competitor) and the crowd support was limited to 1 small dog and a few sheep.
After a warm up I went off to a great start, my first 2 kms
coming in at 7.03 and 6.49. Km 3 saw the first big hill of the route followed by a good down hill stretch for km 4 which I did in 6.44. From here the route becomes a series of hills and dips, peaking at the 6km point. I hit the 5k mark in a total of 35m 48s, just 2 seconds short of my pb.
I maintained a good pace of 7.13 for km 6 but began to slow over the 7th km taking 8.28, mostly because it is nearly all up hill and a brief pause for more water. I was also a little slowed down during the 8th km as I had to negotiate a flood which meant scrambling up the side of the ditch. I was struggling by the final km, digging deep mentally and pushing my legs so I covered it in 7.04

I am delighted to have knocked 1 min 55 seconds off my previous 10k pb.





10 thoughts on “I only bloody went and did it! Race report

  1. Wow! That’s brilliant! To do that on your own and on hilly x-country course is doubly impressive 🙂 remember that the times ppl “report” for 10ks are usually on flat, tarmac courses. And with other runners around to spur them on! Well done you 🙂

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    1. Thank you for doing it. It might sound mad but I had you both set as imaginary runners. You are much faster than me and I tried to catch you. Justin is closer in pace and I imagined running alongside him and him taking off away from me. Is that cracked??

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