Running and I are Not Speaking

Running and I have fallen out.  We are sitting in the same room but not speaking and occasionally giving each other dirty looks. Every now and again one of us tries to start a conversation:

Running: it’s not really my fault you know. Come on, you bought me new trainers, you must still like me a bit?

Me: No, I don’t. And the trainers were on sale, that’s all. It is your fault.

R: But You are the one who got it wrong. Maybe you should be blaming The Plan instead?

Me: Humph. No. I’m still blaming you. And leave me alone.

R: I’m not having that. And look, what about all the time we have spent together lately, doesn’t that mean anything to you?

Me (getting cross): that’s my point exactly!  I spent time, money and energy on you. I even wrote a blog about you and still, still you treat me like this. You are just cruel and unfair. Go away.

R: won’t

Me (through clenched teeth) Go. Away.

What happened for such a falling out? I have had a series of bad runs. I have followed the plan, done the running and the end game is here. Next week I am due to test 5 months training and see how much faster I can run 10k and my last 3 runs have been disastrous.

Firstly was the 10k that was shortened to 7k because my legs just felt so heavy and tired I simply couldn’t keep going.

Then came the 5k tempo run, regularly done, that came in 30 seconds per km below goal pace and 3 minutes slower than my last attempt.

Today I decided to do intervals in the hope it would help kick start some speed again but once more could not maintain a regular fast pace.

Its like all the work I have done since July has been in vain and I am destined to be the end of the pack forever.

That’s why I am not talking to Running.


7 thoughts on “Running and I are Not Speaking

  1. Excellent! And of course, you are speaking, even through gritted teeth. With every relationship there are times when the clutch seems banjaxed and the gears won’t change. Perhaps a short break away? Try and swim (if you swim, of course). Take a few days away from running. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. You’ll be back again in no time. (next Sunday, at the latest, remember!)

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  2. Running is a fickle friend. It likes to test me before an official run – teasing me by having stroppy, scrappy runs that make me hate it. But then it always rewards me on the official run, behaves itself and makes me love it again.

    (Running and I are also not speaking. But that’s because our mutual frenemy “winter weather” has arrived again. Snow and freezing cold I can deal with, but the icy rain is horrible! The baby is in league with the winter weather though and is refusing to sleep. Which means I’m neglecting Running and it’s in a huff with me.)

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  3. Love this, although I don’t know what I’m laughing at because I regularly have these conversations with Running. It’s just like someone else said above, running really is a fickle friend. Hope it picks up for you 🙂

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