Running Sounds – podcasts and playlists

When I am running I have 3 options depending on my mood. Quite often I don’t listen to anything except the charming man on my Runtastic app telling me how far I have run and at what pace.

If I do want to listen to music, I usually stream from Spotify , using the free version and the data on my phone. I have been very impressed with the sound quality and connection of this service, even when I disappear under the trees I never lose the music. Yes, there are ads but I can live with them. There has always been a vast selection of music to build your own playlist or a lot of different pre-made running playlists, my personal favourite being Women’s Health: She Runs and Kevin Ghim’s Running Mix (Marathon Training). What can I tell you, they are both fairly heavily ’80s dominated.

Recently, Spotify have introduced a Running section where you can choose from a series of playlists such as “Escape”, “Epic” and “Run this Town” and then set each playlist to your own choice of Steps Per Minute for cadance. I have been really enjoying these playlists and particularly like Epic – its like running in your own movie montage.

My third option is listening to podcasts, especially on long slow runs. I have a few favourites, some running based, others for their entertainment and distraction abilities. In no particular order, here are some of my recommendations

The Marathon Training Academy – not just for marathoners! I love the inspirational, encouraging tone of this podcast with excellent guests


Bad Boy Running – a new podcast by British running journalists Jody Raynsford and David Hellard, it does not take itself seriously and the long running saga of Jody and the running club is entertaining in itself.

Run to the Top – the Runners Connect podcast, this leans more towards the educational with lots of guests and detailed information


Non-running podcasts

Answer Me This – made in the UK by Helen and Olly, this long-running podcast is based on the simple premise that listeners send in their questions and Helen and Olly answer them, usually hilariously.

No Such Thing As a Fish – written and presented by the very clever people behind the long running BBC TV programme QI (Quite Interesting), this weekly podcast presents 4 facts and the team discusses them – very funny!


Stuff you Should Know/Stuff you Missed in History Class – these are my own favourites from the fantastic collection of podcasts produced by The Discovery Channel. Whatever your interests, there is one here for you.

These are the ones I listen to the most. Do you have a favourite play list or podcast you would recommend?


3 thoughts on “Running Sounds – podcasts and playlists

  1. Thanks for this post! I love MTA and Run to the Top with Tina Muir– both are my go-to podcasts. I also love No Meat Athlete- fun and interesting guys. I’ll have to look into the ones that you have suggested, thank you! Happy running!


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