A Personal Best, Doing a Justin and a Treadmill

As regular readers (hello you!) will know, I am currently on a quest to get faster over 10k. Recently this has meant that I am running shorter, faster distances. A 7.2k Sunday run at a tempo pace resulted in an unexpected bonus –  I got a 5k PB! I knocked 35 seconds off my previous PB, if you don’t mind. I was astounded how well the speed training has helped and at one point during the run had to slow myself down so as not to over do it. Imagine such a thing?

I know my 5k time is not going to allow me to qualify for the Olympics anytime soon, but its not too shabby for a tall, heavy 44 year old and did I mention I knocked 35 seconds off?

I was delighted with myself and how did I celebrate? That’s right, by doing absolutely no running for a week. Its what I like to call, ‘Doing a Justin’, named in honour of my virtual American mate Justin from beardhairinmycoffee, who recently decided that its is fine to train for a half marathon by running just once a week as long as that one run is a good one. I am not totally convinced of his qualifications for this radical new training method.

To be truthful, it wasn’t a choice, life and mostly work got in the way combined by the shockingly early dark evenings we now have as a result of the clocks going back 1 hour here for Daylight Savings Time – does this happen anywhere else but the UK and Ireland? I live in a small rural town and we have a grand total of 4km of street lighting. I suppose this means that I can run in town if I really need to but then everyone will be looking at me, and by that I mean the entire population of the town.

As I write this it is blowing a gale outside. The weather here in Ireland has taken a decided turn for the worst and as I live in the west, we get the full force of the Atlantic’s fury before it settles down and drizzles on the rest of the country. As a result, I did something today I have not done in years, ran on a treadmill. I really wanted to run but was not sure going outside was a great idea as there are lots of bits of trees falling off and flying around. I also didn’t fancy the headwind.

So I went to the local community gym and hopped on the treadmill. I set it at a 1% gradient to pretend I was on the road and did 7.2km at my prescribed pace. I had to walk at 2km and 5km to wipe the pouring sweat off my face which was a new experience but all, in all, it was not so bad. It may be a useful last resort for very bad days – does anyone have any tips to make it as close as possible to running on the road?


6 thoughts on “A Personal Best, Doing a Justin and a Treadmill

  1. LOL! I am definitely honored. I have to admit, I’m surprised that my infrequent running isn’t hurting me (or doesn’t seem to be at least). I’m still steadily increasing my distance with relative ease and my pace is (somehow) getting better. However, you’re totally right in doubting my qualifications for this training method as I certainly do not recommend anyone else go for it – not anyone that wants to see results, at least! Now that my photography class is over I’m hoping I can squeeze in at least one more run per week! I’m sure you’ll read about it if I actually follow through, though 🙂

    I have a 5k coming up on Friday! LET’S GO, PR!


  2. My wife uses the treadmill a lot and really makes the best use of the variables on the machine to simulate hills and speed work. I guess you could occasionally get gym colleagues to throw cold, dirty water over you and shout abuse the odd time? Like “geroff da road!” in a truckers voice!

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