Can I Ask you a Question?

Only a week after posting my review of MyAsics running plan, I received an email that proved the plan really is adaptable. This week and last week have been the Going Faster part of the plan but, despite my best efforts, I simply haven’t been going fast enough. Tempo runs and interval runs aplenty have been done, but I couldn’t quite cut the mustard. There was 1 run that I managed to do and be 10 seconds per km ahead of my set pace but I have no idea how I did it and have not been able to replicate it since.

As a consequence, the Plan has adapted to a lower pace which exactly matches what I am achieving but my projected 10k time has also come down by 3 minutes, which is a bit disappointing. It is not going to deter me though and I will keep trying to get faster.

I am amazed what a difference just 8 speed workouts has made to my body. I have lost weight and toned up. I am sure my strength training is contributing but still it has been so quick!

So, to the question. Well, actually I have 2. I began this current training to knock 10 minutes off my 10k time. I have been happy to have a focus and am really good at following a plan. It is due to conclude on December 1st and i am not sure how to test myself. The nearest race I can find around that time is an hour and a half drive away. so here is my question:-


2 thoughts on “Can I Ask you a Question?

  1. Not sure what your current time is but it seems like a fair chunk to take off in one go. I like a bit of mystery in my events, which is no harm coz I’m a very average athlete. But as I don’t train to a very specific plan, times are always a bit of a surprise! If I trained very methodically to a set plan, and timed every single facet of my plan, then I would know exactly what pace I needed to do to get the desired time. But I don’t. I sort of make it up as I go along. I know all the theory though šŸ˜‰ I’d say you know your pace by now, so can work out what you would like to do to get the time you want. But going out too hard on a 10km can make for a hard slog. My wife just PB’d her 5km with some really solid training; over 2 minutes off her time. So perhaps it’s a big ask? Only you know. Aim high, I guess. Best of luck with it… we are all running, after all, not racing… now who said that?

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    1. The point of the challenge for me was to see if I can get any faster or am I too old/heavy /full of excuses? Today I ran 7.2 k at a great pace for me. It was also about putting the theory of how to get faster into practice. My own experience is that I get sudden leaps forward in speed/fitness. At the end of the day I would like to be able to run a 10k at the average speed of a woman my age.

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