My backside Hurts

Getting Faster, the Plan Heading says. Ha, sez me, we’ll see. This is where I challenge The Plan.

Up til now, The Plan has been all about building endurance and learning to maintain a steady pace throughout a run. In the last 5 days, I have done 2 tempo runs and 2 interval runs.

They hurt. They hurt while I am running them. They hurt after I have run and my legs and backside are hurting all the time.

This has to be doing me some good. I had better be getting faster. The Plan said so.


6 thoughts on “My backside Hurts

  1. Oh yeah I’m having this problem at the moment! Lots of running, cross training AND a new powerlifting program. It’s a bloody nightmare on the legs- mainly I think because I haven’t been planning it very well and have just been doing too much! The other day went to sit down on a low sofa (next to a cute guy lol) and I was trying SO HARD not to make old lady noises like usual!

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