Starting and Stopping

Hi, how are you? I have been away form blogging for a couple of weeks, mostly due to a bout of illness.

I had taken a huge leap and decided to join a running group. They meet a half hour drive away from my home so it is a bit of a commitment but as the nights draw in, I thought it would be a great way to still be able to run in the dark and stay safe. The group were very friendly and welcoming and I was not the only new member that evening which was a help. I joined 3 other women running 8 km at a reasonable pace.

Unfortunately, after about 3k I began to feel pain in my upper stomach. I kept going but the pain got worse and after 5k I left the group and made my way back to my car. I presumed it was indigestion or trapped wind and would be gone by morning. However, this proved not to be true and the pain got worse and worse as the week went on until. 4 days later, I decided to visit my GP. She ended up sending me to Accident and Emergency in our local hospital with suspected gall bladder problems.

Just to go off on a tangent for a moment, the GP I saw was not my usual doctor. I was in pain and chose to see the dr with the shortest queue. During our consultation, I mentioned that the pain started while running. Imagine my surprise when the GP began to tell me to stop running! She felt it was too hard on the knees. I wasn’t in the mood for a row, so just said I had never had any problems but she insisted and tried to persuade me walking was better. I didn’t have the energy to start quoting the research that shows that running is actually beneficial to your joints so, laughed and said walking was no good to me as it no longer raised my heart rate. That left her non-plussed and we returned to the matter in hand. I remain alarmed though that a medical professional advised me NOT to continue with my active lifestyle. Ho Hum. I tweeted this experience using the #UKChatRun hashtag and soon found out I was not alone in this experience.

My visit to the hospital thankfully ruled out serious conditions such as pancreatitis and chest infection. I also received some wonderful medicine that made the pain go away. I still need more tests to determine the root of the problem and had to take it easy for a while.

Sadly, this has meant I have not gone back to Running Group since my first visit, but will soon. I haven’t run much this week either and am struggling a bit to get back into my routine. I have now reached the phase in my faster 10k training plan which involves tempo runs and intervals and I need to psych myself up for them! I fully intend to run tomorrow morning and on Sunday and get back into my groove. Please send me running vibes


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