Shhhh….Winter is Coming

Look, I know it’s a bit early to mention it, and I am sure that where you are, you get a nice long Autumn/Fall, but here in Ireland we are never too far away from Winter. This Summer was so awful, we even had a touch of Winter in July. Winter seeps into the west of Ireland rather than landing with a bang. The rain gradually gets colder, the winds stronger and the days shorter. I also saw my first Christmas Cards in a Tescos this week!

Of course, we don’t get really harsh winters either, which is just as well as 2 inches of snow brings the whole country to a standstill.

This winter I will be training for my first half marathon (gulp) and so OF COURSE I treated myself to some new gear! I adhere to the idea that there is no such thing as bad weather just the wrong clothing so layers are the way to go.

I bought my first ever running tights (I think that might mean I am a proper runner now) and a long sleeved top. I also treated myself to a new running bra, always a risky business, especially as I buy my gear online, but I chose a Shock Absorber and am delighted to report that it fits and does its job well. Finally, I indulged in a snuggly, fluffy, magenta hooded fleece for post-run chills and the really cold days. As you can see from the picture, I am going to be a vision in Hi-viz pink and black. So co-ordinated.

I also tried to buy a new hat, a running cap to be exact, as it would help keep the rain off my glasses as I find being able to see where I am going is always a help. However, all the caps seem designed for sunny weather and winter hats are all of the knitted beanie type. I will keep looking for the correct hat  – all suggestions welcomed – or may consider returning to contact lenses for when I run.

Has anyone else treated themselves to some new gear recently?


4 thoughts on “Shhhh….Winter is Coming

  1. I wore my long sleeved top out today as it was brr this morning (probably didnt need to in all honesty but I hate being cold) – really need to get myself some running tights… i’m still wearing my capri’s at the moment but my poor little ankles are starting to feel the chill lol!! All your gear looks good – where did you get it? (all my winter stuff is also pink and black lol)

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  2. Um, I’m always treating myself to new gear? Sadly it’s true. But 2″ of snow would be just laughable here. 2 feet, OTOH – well, it’s rarely quite that bad but it does happen. And 6-8″ is basically nothing.

    I don’t like training for halfs during the winter; I’ve only done it once, but I am actually planning to do just that this year.

    I do wear the beanie type hat during the winter. For me, the most important thing is keeping my ears warm (which is actually quite difficult with a beanie). But I do wear contacts.

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