Offering up my Kilometers

I recently came across the idea that one way of staying mentally strong as you run longer distance is to find a particular topic to think about for each kilometer or mile that you are covering. These can be both thinking about your running (associative thinking) or something else (disassociation thinking). on today’s fast 8k I gave it a try. Here is what I thought about:-

Km1 – Cadence – keep up with the 170 spm

Km2 – Lift your head up and look ahead. No, lift it up, I said lift it …. Ooops was that cow pooh? Never mind

Km3 – Good form – how are your arms? Hands? How is my breathing? Am I leaning over?

Km4 – The weather – look, the sun is shining! Lovely little wispy clouds, a light breeze and best of all, no rain. Ah lovely Vitamin D

Km5 – things I am grateful for – this is a long list and I found this very motivating

Km6 – ummmm this is getting hard now. Err ok, I can do this. Where would i really like to run? lets pretend I am running on the beach by the sea

Km7 – Oh this is getting hard work, there’s the hill coming up. how can I distract myself. Cake. Yep lets think about cake

Km8 – Just.Keep.Running. No. Energy. To. Think. Breathe. Just. Keep Breathing.

I may need to work on this.

Mmmmm Cake
Mmmmm Cake

One thought on “Offering up my Kilometers

  1. Mmmm cake!
    My garmin is set to miles so ten minutes or more thinking about my form seems a tough ask. I am good at enjoying my environment so I’ll just do that for the 13.1 miles of my race next weekend (I hope it doesn’t rain!).


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