This Half marathon thing is happening!

Thank you all for your encouragement and I am officially announcing I am going to do my first half marathon in April.

One deciding factor is that my American online friend Justin  at was also considering doing a half in April so we are going to do it together!

I am considering doing the but this is subject to change, as it is very beautiful, popular but quite hilly, which might be too much for my first. I will keep my eyes open for others coming up, but there are always plenty to chose from.

I had a chat with my husband about the idea and he is totally supportive, which I think is vital when you start increasing your distance and therefore your time spent running. I haven’t decided on a goal time yet, I will see how the training is going first.

At the moment, I am training to take 10 mins off my 10k time, which peaks on December 1st. I will then ease into the Half training. I have been using a My Asics plan for my current goal and despite the app being a complete nightmare on Android, the plan is so good I am prepared to work around its many annoying faults.

Any one else want to Join Justin and me?


8 thoughts on “This Half marathon thing is happening!

  1. Bring it onnnnnn!! This is going to be a fun yet difficult experience. Also: check you out talking about “goal time” – pssht, I think my goal for my first half is “Finish before the course closes and eat pancakes for the rest of the day” 🙂

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