I’m having these thoughts….

…about running a half marathon.

This is not something I ever expected to happen. However I have been really enjoying my training to run a faster 10 and so far have been able to keep up with the plan easily.  Which has led me to thinking,  if I can do this, maybe, just maybe, I can do more?

I have a mid-decade birthday coming up in April and the Connemara ultra /Marathon / half downloadis just 6 days before my birthday.  Wouldn’t that be some way to celebrate?

Or am I quite mad?


22 thoughts on “I’m having these thoughts….

      1. I’ve done a few, both flat and hilly. Best bet is to check out the route beforehand, and sometimes the better ones have a gradient map online so you can suss out any climbs. My mate has done Connemara and yes, it’s hilly!


  1. Yessssss! When I completed my very first 5k in 2014 I said I had no desire to run further and I was being honest at the time. Some runner friends told me that would change and and I told them they were full of it. Now, as you know, I ended up training for 10k and am now set on training for a half as well! It’s absurd, really! But I’m very excited about this for you because the half marathon I’m looking to participate in is during the first week of April! We may even be running the same weekend! WE CAN DO THIS!!!


    1. OK Justin you have a deal! If you can, I can (although a bit slower I think). I need to find the right one though. Have you signed up? Have you started training? I want to finish my current training goal to knock 10 mins off my 10 k time in December before upping my distances, although I presume the former will underpin the latter

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      1. Alright so that’s it – I now have a bit more accountability so thanks! I’ve not signed up yet. “Early” (read: “Cheap”) registration goes until November 1 and so I wanted to see if I could stick with my training until late October before spending the money on it. I have started training and it’s a program I’ve built just for myself that very slowly increases my long runs. If I stick with it, I will hit half-marathon distance plus another mile or two by the end of February, giving me three weeks of tapered workouts and a week of light workout before the big day. Very excited already, though!


  2. I agree with the “if you can run 10 you can do a half” attitude. I had a panic last week when I realised that I had 4 weeks to a half and had only run 6! Mon did 8 then 10 yesterday. Not going to do more than 10 before the race. You can do it and it will be an amazing achievement.


    1. Oh you have done it! I have questions. Do you think I am being over ambitious doing it for my 1st Half? I really want to do one in April and it’s the only one I can find. Don’t care too much about time and used to the weather but not sure about the hills


      1. To tell the truth, people had me nervous coming up to it as well. And getting to the hotel, we had to drive the course, and it felt all down hill, but we knew we had to run the opposite way to this, so yeah all uphill. And driving it seemed savage, but when we set out the next morning, there was snow on the hills. People were staying warm in black plastic bags, sun came out just as we began. And we even got sun burnt. But it was a lovely friendly run, everyone was cheery and happy. And the uphill wasn’t too bad as we ran it. I have a blog on this run if you’d like to read it. But I have to say I loved it. I had no aches after it either. But I put this down to the seaweed bath, which is oh, so reasonable here too, and would recommend it. No defo, this would be a lovely one to do, and it happened to be close to my birthday too. So this was my weekend away, for my birthday last year.


      2. I look forward to reading your blog next April. And I wanted to say also, some people walked/ jogged it. So don’t forget this is an option too. I didn’t realise people done this, until I saw a lady do it during Connemara half, she stayed ahead of us too until around 9/10 miles. So she kept a very good pace up.

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