Introducing Harley

It’s been a busy week with very little running,  although I managed 6k on Wednesday morning before catching a flight to London for a meeting.

Unfortunately, someone else had booked my flights there and back so I spent hours waiting in Heathrow Airport when I could have had a nice run around the sights.

When I was at home, I have spent a lot of time looking after our newest family member Harley


Harley was found by my daughter’s friend a week ago, alone by an abandoned train track. She found Harley because she was mewing so loudly. Being a well raised young lady, she decided not to abandon the tiny creature and brought her home.

Unfortunately, her parents felt unable to give the kitten a home as they already have 2 rescue cats. I agreed we would mind her until the ISPCA opened on the Monday.

She never got as far as the ISPCA. 3 crying daughters and 1 crying friend persuaded us to give her a forever home.

Max is not impressed.


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