I don’t wanna go….!

Ok so that’s a fairly gratuitous use of a picture of David Tennant but every opportunity to glance upon his face has to be taken..*sigh*

Sorry, got a bit distracted there.

The plan said I needed to go for a run this evening. I was up for it but the summer of 2015 in Ireland is proving a big disappointment, July having been the coldest since 1965. It has also been wet and windy. Sadly, August is not showing much sign of being any better and this evening it was windy and rainy and I just did not want to go for my run.

I dithered and cleaned up the kitchen after dinner. I faffed with my phone. I persuaded myself to put on my running clothes and then procrastinated over whether or not to bring the dog and if I should wear a hat. Eventually it was 8 p.m. and I had used up all my excuses and went out the door for my run (and yes I brought Max). I was due to run 8k so planned an escape strategy of running a 4k loop twice, so that I could stop at 4k if I really needed to. I even brought a towel.

Guess what? I had a great run smiley

I was doing an exercise in building and maintaining pace, which went better than I had expected with my slow runs having given me the chance to get better at knowing what pace I am working at and I did well at maintaining the faster pace for the final 2.5k. The rain eased up a bit and it felt great to have the run done. My regeneration was complete (sorry, couldn’t resist it).


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