Ballycastle beach
Ballycastle beach

Well here’s a sentence I never thought I’d write; I have been having so much fun running this week B-)

I have spent the week on holiday in Northern Ireland, my first ever trip there and my family and I had a blast. I managed 3 runs during our stay and was a proper run-ourist or maybe a tourunner? Suffice to say,  I saw lots while out running that I wouldn’t normally see.

We stayed in the small seaside town of Ballycastle in Co. Antrim and for.the first 2 days the weather was truly awful with torrential, cold rain. Then the sun came out and it was beautiful!

My first run was in the early evening sun, a comfortable 8k that took me through the immaculate seafront gardens with playground, sculptures, fountain and lawns then through a mini golf course depicting Irish Legends and up a hill where I ran around the ruins of a medieval abbey.


Further on I rejoined the coast and ran next to the sea for 4kms in the company of numerous runners, walkers and cyclists.


Back down the hill, past the busy tennis courts and over to the marina where the colourful flags of at least 6 different nations flapped busily in the breeze.

It was heavenly and a run I won’t forget in a hurry.


2 thoughts on “Run-ourism

  1. There’s something so invigorating about running in a new place, especially when there’s so much to see! When you run in the same place (or places) over and over again you tend to not notice little things anymore. I also get bored easily. Hitting new spots whether they’re a few miles from where I normally run or even in the town where my parents live (about 2 hours from where I live) makes you feel like you’re in a new world or something! It looks like your running sights were lovely!

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