A Very Slow Run. Warning: Contains Poetry

I have decided that my running needs more structure and that means a plan. When I was training for my first 10k, I didn’t miss a training session for 4 months but recently it has been a bit hit and miss. A comment on Twitter brought my attention to My Asics running plan app and having read nothing but praise for it, I am giving it a go with the aim being to bring down my 10k time.

My plan began with a deliberately slow run over 8k at a 9.12-9.47 min/km pace. This is verrrry slow, even for me, and I have to admit I was not able to stay at that pace, edging up to 8.46 min/km. Maintaining such a slow pace required serious concentration but it was an interesting experience. By 4k I had reached a meditative state, so much so I began to compose poetry (no, really). By 7k it became a genuine mental challenge not to speed up and just finish this damn run already. I had to distract myself by concentrating on my form and admiring the view. It was a run like no other I have ever done.

So in honour of the 150th birthday of famous Irish poet W.B Yeats, here is my poem (don’t worry, its short). Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Bog Run

Longed for sun, slanting away from the day,

Paws and feet patter in rhythm,

Losing unnamed tension, felt but not seen,

Leaving behind the pain of the head, the hand, the heart.


Go on, you write one. I dare ya!


2 thoughts on “A Very Slow Run. Warning: Contains Poetry

  1. I may have to think of one on my next slug run. I too have problems slowing down when training calls for it, although you are a bit faster than me lol. But it is so difficult to run slower than your pace no matter what it is. Maybe poetry is the answer I have been searching for.


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