When all your Good Shoes are Trainers*

* Or Runners are they are called here in Ireland, or Sneakers if you prefer.

I am back in my usual good form. I would apologise for yesterday’s grump but I am not a bit sorry – I felt a lot better for just writing it down.

This post title refers to an incident on Friday when I was getting ready to go out for an Indian meal with 2 friends and was putting together an outfit. Since taking up running this has generally become much more fun than for many years. I have lots of nice clothes that fit me properly and are not all black. In fact the top I chose to wore had a pattern of cerise on white and I was struggling to find just the right shoes to wear with it. Then I realised I had the perfect shoes, the exact same colour as the pattern.

Except they were a pair of trainers.

It was then I realised that while I have bought myself several new pairs of shoes in recent months, they have all been trainers. Now I know the running really has got me!

On a different note, my grump yesterday that I have not been running was not strictly true. On Sunday I chose not to go for my LSR in favour of bringing my child out for a walk/run instead. If you read a-fitness-challenge-of-a-different-but-serious-kind you will know that as a family were have been working hard to be more active. Sometimes this means giving up my own opportunities to run in order to encourage and facilitate my children. On Sunday my child and I did a 5k run/walk. My child’s fitness is definitely improving and they really pushed themselves towards the end to keep running. We have done a variety of activities but I have gone back to running as a way of trying to help my child develop the habit of exercise.

The things we have done include swimming, playing a football kick around, swimming, walking and hiking, dancing around the kitchen and playing on the Wii fit, most particularly the boxing and yoga.

Do any of you parents have any suggestions? What do your pre-teens like to do that gets them moving?



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