Reading not Running – Blog Recommendations (updated 3/8/15)

I have been  a bit poorly this week and instead of actually running, I have been reading about running, cos its the next best thing. I have searched the Running Tag in WordPress Reader every day this week and found some great Blogs. Some have been around for a while, some are brand new, but when you have finished reading my blog, go and have a look at these.

Disclaimer: Running Not Racing takes no responsibility for the content of Blogs found on other sites. Running not Racing takes no responsibility if you lose track of time, sit up reading blogs til 1am and can’t get up for your Sunday LSR.

See Fleck Run – Canadian blog with a difference. Great story telling, original illustrations and I blog-binged, so you are warned

Fat Girl to Ironman – title sums it up. UK blogger who is very inspirational and shows that running and tris can be for anyone if you just try hard enough

Beard Hair in My Coffee – US beginner runner sharing the joys of challenging and pushing yourself and his joy at achieving his goals leaps off the screen

Tartanjogger – A fellow Celt with style who is a faster runner than she thinks she is! Lots of lovely pics of Scotland and a tartan Skort – what’s not to like?

Keeping Women on Their Feet – Written by UK GP Dr Juliet McGrattan who is also a runner, proper qualified information and opinions on running. She also blogs for RunChatUK and can be asked questions during the UKRunchat hour on Twitter on Sundays 8-9pm GMT

Updated 3/8/15 – I have to add Unironedman to my list.  – An Irishman of a certain age training for triathalons. Very well written with humour and pathos.

Of course there are loads more. Who would you recommend?


8 thoughts on “Reading not Running – Blog Recommendations (updated 3/8/15)

  1. Why is there never enough time to run, read and blog as well as stay on top of work, housework etc? Thank you so much for including my blog in your list… I had to tear myself away from See Fleck Run! 🙂

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