10K Reclaimed and I met another runner!

After my difficult 10k LSR last week, I took a different approach to the same run today, because I wholeheartedly agree with the saying that insanity it is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Firstly, I know I am not good in the heat. Now, being in Ireland and physically evolved to deal with rain, not sun, for me that means any temperature over 14C (57F). So I got up bright and early and was out and finished by 9.30 am while it was still in the 10 -14 degrees range. It was sunny with a light breeze. Perfect.

My second decision was to deliberately run more slowly. Last week, I had become used to the speed of my interval training and took off too fast. So, I set my Runtastic app to cue me to run at a particular pace (I only found out it could do that last night, I have been using it since January – duh!), however, it took my setting as the lower end of a range so in reality I went even slower than I had intended, but no harm was done, I just wanted to run the whole way, not get a pb.

Finally, I ran as flat a route as I could. My usual 10k routes include some fine big hills and I didn’t need the challenge today.

So off I went and 4, 5, 7k ticked by at a very steady rate. As I turned a corner at a junction, I saw a bright orange figure on the horizon but thought nothing of it. I was beginning to feel a bit tired by now so was concentrating on my form and pace. A kilometer later and a real-life runner spoke to me! This is the first time I have ever met anyone else out running on my favourite routes. My heart and pace lifted, we exchanged a few words and sadly she turned and went back the way she had come. I would have liked to run together for a few meters.*sigh, it would be nice to run with someone other than the dog occaisionally* Maybe I should have run after her and asked if she wanted a running partner but that seemed a bit, well, stalkery, and she was faster than me :).

Look, its me and my new running partner! (Am I getting a bit carried away?)
Look, its me and my new running partner! (Am I getting a bit carried away?)

On I trotted to 10k and it felt great. I went home, made breakfast for everyone and brought my kids swimming in our local outdoor pool, where I swam as the rain fell and the steam rose. Heaven.


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