Over the Hills and Far Away

I am definitely over my running hump. Yesterday I did 5k and today 10k

My decision to simply enjoy my runs has been paying off. Yesterday I repeated my 5k interval run except that I replaced the 1 min runs with 2 min runs. In doing so, I ran the intervals at a 6.30/km pace, which is fast for me! More to the point,  I really enjoyed it. When I got home I felt so good I did my Runtastic Leg Trainer workout and even threw in some planking, Russia Ab twists and some press ups.

Today was a busy one with lots of family responsibilities and I had not intended to run. Instead I did the last workout of Level 1 on the Leg Trainer and my Ab exercises.  I felt great and full of energy so when himself came home from work,  I trotted off for my 10k.

I have never, ever run in the evening before, being very much a morning runner but the sun was shining and I had a great time. I kept a great pace up for the first 3k then eased into a long hill. Although not steep, this route is all an uphill climb from the 2 to 9.5km points. From 7k onwards, I took a 1 min walk interval every km and finished strongly. I am not fast, it takes me 1h 18 mins but again, I really enjoyed it .

My Juneathon total to date is 53.4 km (39 miles)

I also decided to invest the €4.99 to be able to move onto Level 2 of the Leg Trainer


2 thoughts on “Over the Hills and Far Away

  1. I am glad to hear you are enjoying your runs. When things like this become a chore or tedious they also become easier to give up on or leave behind.

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