Being Good at Goals

I don’t mean the football /soccer kind either. In a previous life, I wrote Strategic Plans. My world was full of Vision Statements, Aims and objectives and nothing counted unless it had a measurable outcome.

As much as that may sound like a script for The Office, a lot of it really is very useful in setting every day goals.

Juneathon came just in time to give me some focus while I re-evaluated my own goals. Running the 10k had been a goal for a long time and once I had achieved it, I was cut a bit lose in the ambition stakes.

The most useful thing I have learned about setting goals is that they should be SMART:

Specific – e.g I want to run a 5k faster, not I want to run faster.

Measurable – e.g I will run my 5k 30 seconds faster than my previous pb.

Achievable – e.g 30 seconds faster 5k, not 10 minutes faster.

Realistic – e.g I will  run a 30 second pb at my next park run, not I am going to win the Olympic Gold in 2016

Timeframe – e.g I will improve my 5k time by 30 seconds after 6 weeks of speed training

Setting Goals using these guidelines means that you are far more likely to achieve them and that is a powerful motivator.

So, taking my own advice, I have decided on my running goals for June:-

  1. Blog about my exercise every day for the month of June.
  2. Add 2 speed training sessions to my runs every week for June, using tempo, interval and hill runs.
  3. By June 30th,  have knocked 30 seconds off my current 5k pb
  4. Maintain my current ability to run 10k using my Long Slow Runs.
  5. Use the Runtastic LegTrainer to build my length strength, completing the programme as scheduled by the app, concluding August 15th.

Those are my Goals, what are yours?


7 thoughts on “Being Good at Goals

  1. I am impressed! I have to write these goals and they make me shudder every time so avoid them in my home life, partly because I am scared of failure (duh!) Instead I vaguely say I will get faster at short distances…..😉


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