Junethon Day 6 – Running Naked

I hope I haven’t lured you into this blog under false pretences, there are no nude running pics.  By running naked I refer to the idea of running without technology of any kind including watches and music.

Today I ran naked. I had a limited amount of time so it was only for 25 minutes but included 2 hills, one a kilometer long. It was lovely and peaceful and I found I really paid attention to my form and breathing which made tackling the hills much easier.

I run the same routes a lot for their convenience and often listen to podcasts to distract myself but I think I need to run naked more often. My pace was not too slow without the feedback of a device and I enjoyed the sounds of the birds around me.

While I was still warm I did day 2 of Runtastic LegTrainer even though I was a bit stiff from yesterday!  I was a bit surprised to be honest but it turns out all the running has not given me the legs of steel I had thought I had. Imagine?

Then I brought my kids swimming and had a gentle swim which eased the muscles out nicely.  Hopefully the weather won’t be too awful tomorrow for my 10k.


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