Juneathon Day 3 – In Praise of Aquarobics

Taking part in Junethon 2015 http://juneathon.com/ was the reason I began this Blog. The idea is very straight forward. For the month of June you exercise and blog every day.

So far, its going really well. Day 1 I ran the 10k Dublin Women’s Mini Marathon. Day 2 I rested my lower body and did some upper body strength work.

Today I went to Aquarobics.

Ok, I think I know what you are thinking. That’s not proper exercise. Isn’t that just for Grannies?

Firstly, yes there are lots of Grannies who go, but let’s not underestimate the Grandmothers. Harriette Thompson is a 92 year old grandmother of 10 who beat the world record on June 1st 2015 for being the oldest woman to run a marathon https://www.yahoo.com/health/92-year-old-woman-runs-record-setting-marathon-120457309242.html

Secondly, this class was hard, fast and a great cross training workout for my running, giving a great cardio-vascular workout without the impact. We did a warm up and then did a pyramid HIIT series, most of which involved running on the spot as fast as you can, great for teaching the legs to more more quickly. We also alternated upper and lower body work and included some explosive star jumps that really got my quads and glutes going. The 45 minutes ended with a stretch and a tired round of applause for the instructor.

If you are looking to add something to your cross training, maybe reconsider aquarobics.


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