Dublin Women’s Mini Marathon 2015

Yesterday I achieved a running goal I had been working towards since February and ran in my first ever 10k race. Now, when I say race, there were 37,000 of us there so it wasn’t like I was trying to win or anything, that honour went to Maria McCambridge in 34.03.

It was my first time at this amazingly popular event and as I had no chipped time from a previous race, had to start with the walkers. From the moment we swarmed over the start line though there were other like-minded souls running. We swerved in and out of the walkers, up and down curbs, ran together and then got separated again. Interestingly, even by the end of the course, I saw a few of those runners around me. At one point, I missed a curb and fell. The kind walker next to me helped me up and I kept going, no real damage done.

By the time the course reached 4km, it widened out and I was able to maintain a steady pace, just like the rain that had been falling on and off since the start. It was wet and cold and windy but the atmosphere was always warm and friendly. I was tiring by 8km and just kept up a steady jog. Suddenly we turned a bend and there was the purple and white finish line. I picked up a bit of speed and finished in 1hr 17.56m. Not a personal best, probably because of all that weaving, but not too far off. My family watched me cross the finish line and I was very proud to receive my first medal. I had also raised €250 for my charities.



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